They ask us this week to write a letter to those who are in our "Champions Hall of Fame"- "those who have championed your creative self-worth." You are definitely one of them :) so here is your letter:

Dear Robyn,

This is a letter to thank you on behalf of, not only myself, but on behalf of all those hundred (thousands?) of individuals for whom you are a beacon of positivity, light and encouragement. When I think about it, you have been cheering me on since I was 10 or 12! You encouraged my instrumental playing, even when my ability and motivation waned, through your role as an accompanist (associate artist!) and later, as colleague and friend.

You gave tirelessly in helping to accompany the concerts and exams of my students, even when your schedule was completely full. You offered your time endlessly in encouraging me through the maze of work, personal, travel and creative matters. Your good humour and mentoring brightened difficult days, even when you yourself had plenty on your plate.

So on behalf of students, examiners, teachers, performers, colleagues, friends and boarders, I'd like to say thank you for filling so many roles way beyond their requirements with your warm  personal touch, and that in this lifetime you have completed your good deeds already  ten-fold and counting. You are such a valuable member of the music community, and of the human race in general, and no amount of thanks for being one of my personal "champions of creative self-worth" could ever cover what you have done fore me and for so many countless others.

I am very thankful that you have been part of my journey.

Much Love, Jackie


Hi Robyn
I also wanted to thank you for playing a wonderful role in both the childrens "growing-up" period.
Thursday afternoons were a time of picking them up from school, and depending on lesson times, I would be armed with snacks etc,
and we would sit at the Oval with our picnic whilst waiting, or visit the bakery down the road.  I never ever, not once!, had either child say "I don't want to go to piano today" (even if they hadn't practised much that week!).
Your room was like an oasis of calm and peace, lovely and warm and cosy on the dark winter afternoons, or cool and cheery in summer.
We all learnt so much from you, and Alan has blossomed into a beautiful pianist with your expert nurturing approach.   At the concerts, I could see this in every one of your other students too - they all stand out.
Maree may have quit the lessons, but she also gained enormously from all the years with you.  She still plays things every now and then, and asks me to buy sheet music for a song she likes.  It is great that she can sit down and figure it out, and play with good style and expression and pedalling.

So, thank you again for being such an important part of our lives - you will never be forgotten!


Hi Robyn,
I just wanted to thank you again for all your hard work and effort over the last 10 or so years.  I have reached a level of piano playing that I never thought was possible and also developed a love and passion for music that I will continue to enjoy.  
I ended up doing very well in my HSC and received a 98.65 ATAR.  More importantly, I got 95 in Music 2 and 48/50 in Music Extension!!
Anyhow, thanks again for being my teacher for so long and putting up with my annoying traits and I hope everything is going well for you.