Studio Policy


Studio Policy for 2018

Notice in writing of the termination of music tuition must be given by the second last week of each term or the next term's fees will be charged.It will be assumed that a pupil is continuing unless such notice is given.This applies from the end of one year to the beginning of the next.

Lessons I cancel will be made up  where possible but those missed by the student without giving adequate notice,  will not be rescheduled.

Where an alternative time for a missed lesson is offered and does not prove convenient,  the lesson will be forfeited.

The term's fees are non-refundable and are paid in the first 14 days of the Term.

I reserve the right to decide if, when, and at what level the pupil should enter an exam and the right to decide whether or not the pupil should present for that exam.

Parents are encouraged to assist their child in the establishment of a regular practice routine. The rate of progress and the amount of pleasure derived from playing the piano depends largely upon the amount and quality of practice undertaken by the student.


Robyn Worth